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Welcome to “Minding Your Gap”, thanks for stopping by!  I’m Kathryn, a violist and lover of all things Jane Austen.  My decision to take a gap year can be found in my first post “What is a Gap Year?”.  My goal for this blog is to give a small sample of what is possible for a gap year.  It is to embrace the idea that this  year does not have to be a large, expensive world tour, but rather learning life skills, enjoying family and coming to a deeper understanding of history and the world today.  Please drop me a message with your comments and ideas!

  1. Therese permalink

    Hello, Catherine. I’m an “old” colleague of your dad’s. Didn’t know if you heard this or saw this on NPR this morning about Jane Austin. Is nothing sacred?

    All the best,

  2. benjamin permalink

    Hi Kathryn,
    I too am an old collegue of Lane, and had t pleasure of being on t same houseboat the Ark Amsterdam 1977 – 80.
    Lane combined with Bruce of Texas and Dave Plotel of London Uk. Dave went on to be a successful guitarists n musician and has travelled with it. If I could time travel I’d go back for a moment and recapture that moment when the trio performed.
    Getting yer life skills before venturing is a good way to go. Knowing your country’s and world history is a massive plus too and being close to family in t process.
    As christians we’re not of this world,but we’re on it and passing through. Therefore you don’t have to go on expensive world trips to find out. However there is a difference in knowing something and having experience of something. With experience you can get both.
    My brother is telling me to go to India…,If I go,I’ll come back a different person from t one who speculated about India at home.All I have then is knowledge from t media,or going to t library and reading up about India,talking to British Indian people living in the UK.
    So Kathryn,one day maybe t world calls you and you may answer that call.And that in turn would give you a different perspective on a culture you could only speculate on. + You have time on your side.
    When I go anywhere I go with t natives, And I would stay with a Hindu family who has relatives living near where my bro lives. That way I get t proper India and all it would cost me is t airfare and a bit of pocket money…..,I dont need t Goa experience which has been overrun with Europeans and has been spoilt in many ways.
    Love and respect to you and yer Pa (Lane)
    Ben swaine ( Benjamin Timelord Horius on fb)
    ps.. Yes I’m a Christian-whovian : )

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