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A Note to the Moon

May 25, 2011

I love late nights.  I love the silence, my wet hair from showering, the darkness and the freedom to create.  My best writing always comes from late at night.  So does my practicing, as my family is sure to tell you.

My creativity begins to come alive right about when everyone else goes to bed.  I get out my instrument, I sit in the darkness and I play to the night sky.  There is no distraction, I can focus on my sound while staring at the moon.  For some reason I have more patience with myself at night, I am too tired to berate my fingers for not behaving as they ought.  So I play a passage, again and again, with new rhythms and bowings and speeds until my fingers fly and the sound appeases the midnight air.  I play, or sometimes write, until exhaustion.  I love falling into bed knowing that I have created-that my skills have progressed even just slightly more than they had the previous day.  I also love the feeling of a tired mind, the feeling of satisfaction when my brain has exhausted its power of thought and creativity.


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