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March 14, 2011

There are few things that I love more than late nights involving Austen and dark chocolate (with a great soundtrack of course!).  Tonight is proving to be one of those nights.  Bloch 1919 performed by Yizhak Schotten in the background, my bittersweet chocolate has been consumed (truth be told we buy chocolate in 1lb bars.  My mother and I claim that it is for baking, but that is simply not the case…).  I open up pages, and stare at the blank screen.  I always surprise myself with how daunted I feel when I stare at an empty page.  Each and every time I wonder how I will find thoughts to fill that page and the next ones after it.  But somewhere around 600 words, my creative juices begin to flow.

It has taken me a gap year to figure out that I am innately creative.  Of course anyone who knows me might have been able to spare me the joy of this new discovery, but I had to figure it out for myself.  What I learned this year is that my music is merely an outlet for my creativity, my creativity does not come as a result of my music.

Ever since my Juilliard audition on Monday morning, which marks my last college audition, I have been completely wiped out.  I have slept for hours, eaten well and done all of the usual to-dos of daily life.  But I admit, I have been too tired mentally and physically to practice.

What I have discovered in these past few days of not practicing is that I must find another outlet for my creativity.  I find that my writing gets all of the creativity that is usually put into my music.  The words fly onto the page without second thought, and the reviews for the story are more frequent and praise the tale that is beginning to take shape.  I have even noticed this in my cooking.  Since the cook in the house has been ill since we got back from New York, I have been on dinner duty for several days now.  Each night the refrigerator door has been opened, items chopped and sauteed for delicious meals.  And everything has been done without a recipe.  Even my food is better when I don’t practice!

Perhaps creativity is like our energy levels, we only get a certain amount for each day.  Maybe it is our job to be wise with our creativity-to pick and choose carefully what receives the creative juices for each days.  Where has your creativity been going recently?


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