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October 17, 2010

My family has always been anti-establishment, especially when it comes to where we buy our food.  Jewel and Dominick’s have been ingrained in my mind as over priced, over preserved, over processed monsters that provide groceries for the uninformed.  Now, please do not misunderstand me.  My parents have never spoken these words- this is simply the logic of a child who has grown up at farmers markets, Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.  When the Target began to carry groceries, I turned up my nose in disgust.

This past weekend I found myself house/dog sitting for some friends that live near a super target.   As I only had to cook for one it did not seem practical to do anything fancy, so I settled for a run to the super store to pick up some basics.  As I walked out into the parking lot with bags of groceries balanced on each arm, I realized how far I have come from my non-conformist tendencies.

What once was a destination has now become a convenience.  “We’re out of milk” is now answered with “I’ll just run to target”.  It seems that the older I get the more I let society dictate my life.  (with the exception of this gap-year, but even then we are seeing more of a trend towards this out-of-the-box thinking. See this Time Magazine Article on Gap Years)

On one front, I still stick to my roots.  I always buy the organic label.  Somehow, that just makes my convenience justification perfectly justifiable.  But does that make it right?


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