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False Hope

August 1, 2010

As I met my friends over Red Mango during the summer months they discussed with me all of their college related hopes and fears.  I could not help but be drawn into the excitement of going off myself.  Having always been a driven individual-one with a clear career goal at freshman orientation- I cannot help but have a bit of envy for my friends who have already changed their majors twice before starting school.  As they pack their trunks they know that they are going to school to have a good time for the next four years.

I have found myself looking for everything from dorm room bedding to a new laptop decked out in the latest school related software.  But then I remind myself, I am not even done taking my SATs yet.  I have to turn back the clock to being a high school senior, relishing the thought of being the new one to rule the school.  Only this  senior year will be without my close friends. It will just be me and my viola, learning how to survive a schedule determined by my motivation.

This is the scariest part of a gap year I believe.  Sitting back and watching every one of my friends prepare to leave the nest; watching them anxiously await their rooming assignment and their frustration at looking for the perfect trash can to match the new turquoise bed sheets.  But I must continue to remind myself:

A gap year is not a cop out.  A gap year senior is one who knows her own mind, and is committed to doing her best.  A gap year senior is a disciplined individual willing to put in the hard work to succeed.  A gap year senior will succeed because of of her determination.


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